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Snacks To Avoid For Good Sex: Increase Sex Drive

Some munch-able snacks can act as the best aphrodisiac, while some others can ruin your mood for sex entirely. Make sure that you avoid the following mood-killing culprits especially if you are planning on a steamy night:

CoffeeAvoid coffee before sex
Excessive consumption of caffeine will raise your stress hormone blood levels aka cortisol. According to Nicole Kasal, Cleanse Culture’s founder and health and wellness coach says that high amounts of coffee decrease your body’s ability to relax while lowering your libido.

Excessively salty foods (like popcorn or French fries)Avoid Junk Food
According to the Alpha Male Medical Institute’s medical director, author, D.O., and FACOFP-Dr. Robert Kominiarek- salty foods increase bloating and water retention. Also, too much salt restricts blood flow, thereby decreasing the chances of reaching an orgasm.


FruitsFruits to avid before sex
Avoid post-meal fruits especially. Your body can digest fruit quickly —far more than anything other food you can eat, according to Kasal. This can further lead to gas, cramping, as well as general physical discomfort — symptoms you might want to avoid before going right in.


AlcoholIncrease sex performance
In case you have ever watched any rom-com, you might have noticed that the frisky couple first has some drinks and then decides to have a steamy bed-time. But then, one of them becomes dead asleep immediately? This is not merely a plot device: Beer and wine DO increase your melatonin (aka the sleep hormone) levels. A single glass is sufficient to make you sluggish for any physical activity, let alone sex, according to Kasal. Too much alcohol can even lead to severe erectile difficulties, reduce orgasms, as well as increase the likelihood of premature ejaculation.


Mintavoid mint
While mint may come in handy before kissing, but studies reveal that it can dampen your energy and desire for a fast and energetic romp. Furthermore chewing mint chewing gum is an additional buzzkill because while doing that you often tend to take in air, making you feel gassy, according to Dr. Kominiarek.


Carbonated drinksCarbonated drinks
Dr. Kominiarek advises that in case you are already sensitive to carbonation, put sodas and tonic water away. Nothing ruins romance more than belching right in the middle of sex.


Cruciferous Veggies Cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and broccoli are all veggies that produce a lot of methane. Ensure that you cook them thoroughly or else they might make you extremely gassy during sex, according to Dr. Kominiarek.


SoySoy Products
For women and men, the more testosterone there is in your body, the greater your sex drive will be. But excessive dietary intake of soy can disrupt your hormonal balance, says Dr. Kasal. Here’s a case in point: According to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, men consuming upwards of 120 milligrams or soy daily displayed a considerable drop in their testosterone levels.

So what can you eat instead? Dr. Kasal suggests eating eggs because they promote a healthier libido while balancing hormones. Dr. Kominiarek recommends foods with a high zinc content (such as oysters, pumpkin seeds, etc) or Omega-3 fatty acids rich foods, like nuts and fish.

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What Foods should you avoid after a date?

To stay alight and frisky as well as to maintain your after-sex glow, ensure that you avoid slump inducing eating processed foods. Limit the consumption of foods high in sugar or salt content, while monitoring your fat intake to regularize your blood flow and circulation. On the other hand, a glass of romantic wine is a double-edged sword. While you may get your heart kicking with antioxidants, too much of it can turn you into a sleepy-head. Studies revealed that people were more likely to report after-sex regret and sexual dysfunction post alcohol usage.

A lot of people, according to Lifesum, prefer bread and cheese as a pre-sex snack, but how these foods enhance your sexual libido is yet to be proven since they are known to cause gas and cramps.

Results can obviously according to individuals. For instance, a 2015 article published in Time said that grilled cheese increases libido, while a similar 2018 study discovered a correlation between decreased dairy intake and minimized erectile dysfunction.

Overall,  Trusted Source research has proven that a diet of nuts and fish packed with omega-3 fatty acids besides fruit, leafy greens, etc can make you feel far more active, erotically stimulated, and help you experience greater sensual pleasure. A healthy sexual appetite requires several factors — especially the things you put in your mouth.

Starting your day with whole foods loaded with key minerals, vitamins and nutrients, and robust antioxidants can upsurge your body’s sex hormones. You will feel more energized for a more powerful sex session.



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